Don’t Mistake My Love for Breastfeeding for Something it’s Not


Let me start this off with my history of breastfeeding, as brief as it has been. In the three months time since I have had my son, never once did I question why it was women switch to bottle feeding. I didn’t have some miraculous story of him latching on after birth and us never looking back. I’ve dealt with having too much milk and not having enough, I’ve dealt with my let down being too strong and not strong enough, I’ve had thrush and mastitis twice. I’ve changed my whole diet to accommodate for my sons needs, even when his lip and tongue tie made my nipples crack and bleed. I have forced myself to hold him to my chest through the pain just so he could comfort nurse and spit out all the milk my body was working so hard to produce. I have had many nights where I woke up every 45 minutes to feed him. Through literal blood, sweat and tears I have thrown my hands up in the air and given him a bottle of the only 2 oz of breast milk I had that took weeks to pump.

Was it all worth it? Continue reading