How to Treat Cradle Cap Gently and Naturally


We have been battling the dreaded cradle cap (or as Shawn calls it ‘creepy alien skin’) for about a month now. This is not an uncommon battle, it is suggested that nearly half of babies get some form of cradle cap within their first 8 months of life. So what’s a mom to do?

Cradle Cap, or Neonatal Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, is yellow or brown dry, scaly flakes of skin that can be found on the scalp, face and eyebrows of infants. The cause is unknown, some suspect it is caused by overactive oil glands in the scalp, but it is not considered serious or any kind of infection or allergic reaction and is not the fault of poor hygiene. It usually clears up on its own in the first 6-12 months, but can be unsightly and I would naturally assume not the most comfortable feeling thing for a baby.

In asking around and researching the ebst way to rid of it, the most common advice given to me was Johnson’s Baby Oil. After The release of Johnson’s using known human carcinogens in the baby bath products, I have no felt comfortable using their products so I searched for alternatives. The suggestion of coconut oil came up and after quite a few attempts I was not happy witht the results of just coconut oil.

While looking into Essential Oils, Tree Tea oil stood out to me as something that could help. Tea Tree oil is commonly used for fungal infections, antiseptic and even dandruff. I thought it was worth a shot.


I used 5-7 drops of Tea Tree essential oil (from the Fabulous Frannie Essential Oil Gift Set) in tablespoon of warm Organic Coconut oil (Now Food’s Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil) and mixed well. I let it cool before spreading a generous amount of the mixture onto Bane’s head.


After letting it sit to soften up the dry flakes of skin, I used this soft bristle brush that came in an American Red Cross first aid kid (though ones just like these are sold for babies through many brands) to gently brush away the loosened dry skin. I put a small amount of pressure on the brush and then moved in circular motions until his scalp was cleared.


I then gave Bane a bath as usual (We have been loving the breast milk soap from Country Chik’s Boutique) with the necessary bath toys, of course and Viola! no more yucky dry skin!




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