Encapsulating my Placenta and Why I Stopped Taking my Placenta Pills


When I was pregnant, I went crazy with research. Research calms me and I was desperate to do whatever I could to make sure I was well prepared. My worry of Postpartum depression was a real one.

I have had depression wince I was a child, and I feared postpartum depression alot. I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to continue to stay off medication, especially while pregnant and breastfeeding. In my research I came across Placenta Encapsulation. My mother spoke highly of what she knew about it, and as I researched it the weird, icky feeling of ingesting my placenta went away and the thought actually became more and more normal to me. By the end of my pregnancy, I was excited! I learned so much about the placenta and I was so excited to look at it and explore it.



After my birth, although my interest in my placenta was high, I was too preoccupied with Bane to look at it. I wish I had because I was highly interested in seeing it pulsating, but it was packed away before I was able to get a good look at it. My Midwife spoke of my placenta having a “halo” and I had no idea what that meant. This picture was the first look I had at it and I was amazed at what I saw, a clear white halo!



I was able to make two perfect little hearts out of his umbilical cord. I was surprised that so much was left, considering about 6 inches of umbilical cord was left on Bane after birth (which also dried and we saved after it fell off).


It was legitimately hard to watch Shawn cut this. I found it so beautiful I wish I could have kept it forever.


These were the last of the pictures I got of the process, sadly, but after about 24 hours of dehydrating, we began to grind the “placenta jerky”, that is, until be broke our coffee grinder. We continues, with the painstaking process of filling up the empty capsules one by one, and ended up getting about 50 with the amount we managed to actually were able to grind. ¬†And my umbilical cord hearts turned out better than I could have ever imagined.


Now to the biggest question I’ve gotten: Why did I stop taking my placenta pills.

The first few days home, I did feel rather down. The last trimester of my pregnancy, I was raging with hormones. I had horrible mood swings, I was wildly uncomfortable and just generally unhappy and irritable. I had hopes that after pregnancy that would just go away, but my first couple days proved that wrong, so I did what was recommended, I took placenta pills 3-4 times daily, pretty much, whenever I remembered, and let me say, they definitely helped with my milk production! I was leaking like crazy, but I was still feeling down. It was kind of dissapointing to be honest, I had such high expectation for these and they just didn’t work. So I stopped taking them. My first day off of them, everything did a complete 180. I was happy, and even excitable. I felt like I had pre-pregnancy, I finally felt normal again. I really really wanted my placenta pills to work. I really really wanted to get something out of them, but I realized that if I’mhappy without them, I guess I don’t really need them.

Though, the rest of my pills and my poor placenta jerky that was unable to be ground still wait in my freezer if I do decide to try them again for whatever reason… Also because I can’t imagine myself throwing them out.


2 thoughts on “Encapsulating my Placenta and Why I Stopped Taking my Placenta Pills

  1. Did you do raw encapsulation? I’ve heard this is sometimes too much for some and can even give them the gitters.

    Mine was raw as well and I was very fortunate with the outcomes for me. Didn’t seem to effect my milk much but I had tons of energy and it helped stabilize my mood and emotions during rough patches.

    • I did do a raw encapsulation. I spoke with my midwife who saod she had never heard of my reaction, but it is definitely possible. She said my hormones may have balanced outnon their own and the placenta pills coupd be causing an imbalance, but who knows. I may try taking them again and see how it effects me now. I still advocate for Placemta Encapsulation greatly, though! Helps so many women a lot! I’m glad it was helpful to you!

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