The List of Information I Wish I Had When I was Pregnant


With some people close to me getting pregnant and coming to me with questions I have began to remember that feeling of being pregnant and my extreme need to research and prepare so I decided what I felt I needed to do; Compile the list I would have loved to have as a newly pregnant mom.


4250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women

New Definition of Full Term Pregnancy

Ultrasounds can Cause Brain Damage in Fetuses

Improved Outcomes for Moms who see Midwives 

The Lie of the EDD: Why Your Due Date Isn’t What You Think

Study Confirms Link to Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage 

Update 11/8:

Who Says Ultrasounds are Safe?


How to Write a Birth Plan

Free Online Birth Plan (I used this one)

10 Reasons to Choose a Homebirth

21 Reasons to Say No to Pitocin According to the Manufacturer

Study Raises Concern about Safety of Pitocin

The Most Harmful Intervention Done to All of Us

Money May be Motivating Doctors to Preform More C-sections 

15 Childbirth Myths you Might Think are True

5 Hospital Procedures that Ruin Your Birth

Placenta Encapsulation: How and Why

10 Reasons Not to get to an Epidural

Women Who Get Epidurals are Less Likely to Succeed at Breastfeeding

Update 11/8:

Maternal Separation Stresses the Baby

What Doulas Do

Find a Doula Near You: DONA International, DoulaMatch, Doula Connect

No Episiotomy: Getting Through Birth in One Piece

The Benefits of a Doula

Upright Early Labour Lowers Caesarean Rate 

Update 11/10:

Benefits of Vernix


5 Newborn Interventions to Avoid

4th Trimester

Why Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone

Could Swaddling Hurt Babies’ Hips?

Johnson &  Johnson Baby Soap has Cancer Causing Chemicals

Modern Parenting my Hider Brain Development 

Why I no Longer Believe Babies Should Cry Themselves to Sleep

The Deadly Mistakes You are Probably Making

Can Babies “Self-sooth”?

Dangers of “Crying-it-out”


Circumcision: What Could Go Wrong?

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone

Update 8/11:

What the Bible Really Says About Circumcision 

Memphis Child has Genitals Cut off During Circumcision 

Cloth Diapering:

Is Cloth Diapering Really Worth it?

The Harmful Chemicals in Disposable Diapers

The Many Dangers of Disposable Diapers (My Favorite link here)


The Greater Good (documentary)

Silent Epidemic (documentary)

Vaccines do not cause Autism

8 Questions to Ask Before a Vaccine

Mercury in Vaccines Making a Comeback

They Want in Inject my Kids with What?

Vaccine Inserts (ingredients, side effects, etc)

Vaccines: Parents’ Informed Choice

Did Vaccines Really Eradicate Polio?

7 Most Disgusting Ingredients Used to Make Vaccines

What is Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and How “Deadly” is it?

Study of Vaccinated Children vs Unvaccinated Children

Hepatitis B Vaccine Discontinued after Newborn Deaths

MMR Confirmed to Cause Autism 

The Vaccine Hoax is Over: 30 Years of Cover Up.

Vaccine Fraud Exposed by Merck Virologists 

Update 11/10:

Vaccines Cause Allergies 


Booby Traps: Advice for Breastfeeding Problems

What is Milk Sharing?

Nipple Confusion: Why to Say No to Pacifiers and Bottles

Formula for Disaster (Documentary)

Formula Increases Risk for Obesity and Diabetes 

More Infants Develop Cancer Due to Effects of Estrogens and Arsenic in Soy-Based Formula

Breastfeeding 101: Beating Booby Traps 

A Historical Look at the Impact of Infant Formula on Breastfeeding

Digested Formula is Toxic in Cells

Similac Refuses to Remove GMOs from Infant Formula

101 Reasons To Breastfeed

How Doctors Dupe Moms into Supplementing with Formula

Breastfeeding can Save the Lives of 1 Million Children Each Year

The Real Breastfeeding Scandal 

Update 11/8:

Brittany’s Milk Sharing Story

Balancing Breastfeeding when Mom Must Work

Solid Food:

The Truth About Baby Food Jars

Why Delaying Solids and Avoiding Baby Cereal is Important in the Heath of Babies


Why we Should Burn Forward Facing Carriers

Benefits of Babywearing vs Carseat Carrying

Update 11/10:

Five Reasons to Wear your Baby 


One Step at a Time: Why it’s Important to Evolve our Parenting Techniques

How to NOT Talk to Kids 

How to Talk To Little Girls

Children are People

Why I do NOT Care About Teaching my Toddler about Letters, Shapes and Colors 

Allow Your Child to Become a Responsible Adult

The Case for Teaching Kids “Vagina”, “Penis”, and “Vulva”

The Day I Realized I was Bullying my Kids

What’s Wrong With Kids Today?

You Don’t Need to Buy More Stuff

Children Need Touching and Attention 

Don’t Be Your Child’s First Bully

And I would like to end this with one final link that everyone should understand and agree with:

My Choice to Parent Differently Does Not Imply That your Way is Wrong

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